About YKeepIt?

Y Keep It? is a localized online auction-style site (think eBay, but with the ability to move larger items to a local audience.) It began the online test site Sept. 4, 2013 in the Sierra Vista, Arizona area, all the while gathering data and listening to users to improve the online experience and gain valuable knowledge about the kind of service we need to provide. We contracted with a few specialists who will help us perfect the auction, changed to the Y Keep It? name and expect full launch in the second quarter of 2014.

Here are the virtues of an online auction-style site vs., say, craigslist:

    Rather than posting your piece of furniture for a fixed amount, only to discover that it’s worth far more and is quite desirable, you can post at that price and watch as potential clients bid it up.

    Instead of sitting around all day waiting for someone to show up and pick up that furniture, only to discover that (s)he no longer wants it, you’ll be guaranteed that once the auction is closed, the payment is made to your account through PayPal.

    Instead of sitting around all day waiting, period, we have agreements with “depots” around the area so that you can simply take the items there and the buyer can pick it up from the depot, if you choose. (This concept will relate to charities when it becomes available later this year.)

    Instead of worrying about who will show up at your door and whether it’s safe, you can choose to use the depot for the transaction. If you don’t want to do that, you can rest easier knowing that your buyer is someone who has given us real information about him/herself.

    Your real name won’t necessarily be associated with your seller’s account, so you don’t have to worry about your co-workers and others asking why you’re selling your stuff: Are you leaving town? Did you get a raise so you can buy new stuff? Why didn’t you just give it to me? You know the chatter that goes on.

    It’s fun! People like auctions and now you can participate — as buyer or seller — from the comfort of your own computer. And then brag about what you bought/sold at such a good price!

YKeepIt? will help you get your home/office uncluttered and organized, and raise funds to go out and get it recluttered. Or get rid of last year’s toys so you can afford all the new stuff this year. *Batteries not included.

And we’re planning some great opportunities for local organizations and charities for their fundraising efforts.

Don’t worry: Even if you used another buying/selling site for the social interaction, you can still find ways to use YKeepIt the same way. We’ll be posting all kinds of information on how to use the site over the months to come.

By the way, it’s just as good for businesses as it is for individuals.

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